How to grow amaryllis

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Amaryllis are coming with flower bud inside so they are very simple to grow. 

You will need:

 Flower bulb
22cm pot
Peat-free compost



You need to soak amaryllis bulb with roots in bowl of water for couple of hours before potting them. Fill pot with some compost and gently put bulb in place. Top of bulb should be above compost.

Fill pot with compost and water well. Add more compost if needed.

You can add layer of grit or stones for decoration and to keep moisture in. 



Planting  Expected bloom time
3rd week of October 3rd week of November to 2nd week of December
1st week of November 1st to 3rd week of December
3rd week of November 3rd week of December to 2nd week of January
1st week of December 2nd to 4th week of January
3rd week of December  3rd week of January to 2nd week of February
1st week of January 2-3 Week of February
3rd week of January 4th week of February to 2nd week of March
1st week of February 2nd to 4th week of March
3rd week of February 2nd to 3rd week of April

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