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Asparagus 'Gijnlim'


Asparagus has sweet, purple spears that are so tender and tasty they can be eaten raw. Plant in trenches in well-drained soil and full sun.

Green asparagus are the normal asparagus that grow above the ground. White asparagus are grown underneath an extra layer of soil, blocking any sunlight (and with that, photosynthesis), causing the plant to stay white. White asparagus are believed to be more tender, as well as being less bitter



Planting the root:
Remove plants from the packaging as soon as possible. Plant the root outside in a sunny well-drained area. Please allow plenty of space around as the plant will reach over 2 meters in height and 1 meter wide if not cut.

Dig a 30cm trench deep and wide, and place the roosts 40cm apart - Recover with enriched compost and make sure to leave the crown (base) above the soil. Water well. 
You will need to mound the soil to force the plant to produce longer spears.

Asparagus spears will emerge in the spring. We recommend not harvesting them the first year and leaving the plant to develop its roots to get a strong plant and greater harvest in the following years. After a few years, you should be able to harvest for up to 8 weeks per season.
Do not cut the green stem in Autumn or winter. Leave them until completely brown and cut them in early spring.
Package Size
2 roots
Sowing time
From February to May
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