Biodegradable pots 6 cm square


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Romberg - 24 Biodegradable pots, 6 cm square

CLASSIC growing pots made of cellulose - sustainable and diverse in shape and size.

Romberg growing pots are 100% peat-free and made of cellulose. They are particularly suitable for use in indoor greenhouses. The pots allow easy rooting. There is no transplant shock because the young plants are planted out with the pot. After planting out, the nursery pot decomposes biologically.

The pots are suitable for propagation by seeds, for pricking out small seedlings and for growing cuttings. First of all, the pots should be filled with potting soil up to approx. 0.5 cm below the rim. Then, depending on the type of plant, one or more seeds are sprinkled on the substrate surface and covered with some substrate. Then moisten the soil.

All Romberg cultivation pots are marked with the environmental seal "The Blue Angel", which stands for a particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving production.

Biodegradable nursery pots - 100% peat-free
Made of cellulose
Easy rooting, no transplant shock - young plants are planted out with the pot
Marked with the “Blue Angel” environmental seal


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