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Greens of Ireland

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 West Cork Bulbs - ??? WCB SURPRISE BOX ??? - 30


Undecided? Curious about what's inside? Or maybe just want to try Your luck?


The bundle contains A lot of excitement from unveiling the unknown!* 



*in this box You will find at least €30 worth of bulbs, seeds, or accessories. It's guaranteed that there will be at least one pack of bulbs from the premium range and one from our best sellers. Bulbs are good quality as always and will come separated by varieties. 



Flower Size
Mixed sizes
Harvest Time
Mature Height
15 - 100 cm tall
Bulb Spacing
10 cm apart.
Bulb Size
 3 - 10 cm
Planting Depth
Plant 10 cm deep.
Attracts bees 
Poisonous or Toxic to Animals Do not eat ornamental bulbs - could also be harmful to animals - it is highly recommended to wear gloves when planting as some bulbs can cause irritations.
Planting Time
September to November

Green's of Ireland - Online Garden Shop

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