Greenhouse M PLUS POTS

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Romberg - Greenhouse M PLUS POTS

36 x 22 x 13 cm, plus 24 cultivation pots 5 cm square in the strip, green bowl

Great climate for growing plants! Ideal for herbs, flowers and vegetables
Bowl with recesses & gutters for optimal water distribution
Ventilation through ventilation slots between the lid and bowl
Not a drop, as condensation runs back from the lid into the bowl
Perfect in combination with Romberg growing substrate
Made of PAH-free plastic, food-safe
Grow house is recyclable and made from up to 80% recycled plastic
Made in Germany

CLASSIC nursery houses for your home - ideal price-performance ratio for beginners.

Made of PAH-free plastic, food-safe, forced ventilation through ventilation slots, channels for optimal water distribution.

With the Romberg growing houses, everyone can grow herbs, flowers and vegetables at home: simply fill the chosen greenhouse with either Romberg source tablets or growing pots plus substrate. Ensure that the substrate is well moistened and then insert seeds or seedlings into the substrate according to the respective plant-specific requirements (the depth of insertion may vary). Moisten again slightly. Put on the hood. Don't forget to ventilate and water regularly. Provide additional warmth and lighting if necessary.


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