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Starter pack duo - 2 for 37.99

West Cork Bulbs - Starter pack - Beginner's Choice


These bulbs are carefully selected to give you the best chance of having a colorful corner in your garden in the spring season. Flowering time will occur between February (snowdrops, tete a tete) and March (Tulips).  You can either plant the bulbs as shown on our planting proposal or plant them in various areas as you see fit. 

These bulbs must be planted in a sunny semi-shaded area, in a window box or planter, ideally in compost or directly in the ground. 

In the interest of reducing waste and protecting our environment, we have reused this collapsible crate and you can too! 

Bundle contain:

Beginners Choice
Tulip Apeldoorn 10 Bulbs
Tulip Yellow Purissima 10 Bulbs
Daffodil Tete a Tete 10 Bulbs
Daffodil Dutch Master 10 Bulbs
Snowdrops Woronowii 10 Bulbs
Mix summer flower seeds 1 Pack

*varieties might change due to availability but the value will stay the same.



Flower Size
Mixed sizes
Blooming Time
February -March
Mature Height
15 - 60 cm tall
Bulb Spacing
10 cm apart.
Bulb Size
 3 - 10 cm
Planting Depth
Plant 10 cm deep.
Attracts bees 
Planting Time
September to November

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