Strawberry "Polka" 5 roots

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Available from January 2023


Strawberry "Polka" 5 roots

Strawberry Polka is one of the tastiest varieties of strawberries., full-bodied, sour, red Ideal for food processing, good for selling fresh. Very fertile and against diseases.

Ripening season: medium late variety. It usually bears fruit from the beginning of June until the beginning.

Fruit size and shape: large and medium-sized fruit. Spherical, heart-shaped or broadly conical in shape. Red to dark red polka strawberry peel, with a sheen. The peduncle is easily removed from the fruit.

Taste and firmness: The flesh is full, intensely red, juicy, aromatic, sweet with the scent of wild strawberries. Medium firm fruit.

Yield: Very high if the strawberry seedlings are provided with Polka during fruiting. Check the amount of water. It is worth planting it less often to get bigger fruit.

Plant: Moderately vigorous growth, slightly branchy.

Resistance: Polka strawberry is frost (grown in climates with severe winters), first leaf spot (diplocarpon earlianum) and first mildew (sphaerotheca macularis). There is also an additional plate for white spot and still leaf mold (botrytis cinerea).

Destination: One of the best food processing brands to sell to the college retail market (also provided there is no shipping in stock) for an extended period of time.


Remove plants from the packaging as soon as possible. You can either plant it straight into your garden or in a pot (3-liter pot or larger). Use an enriched compost and make sure to leave the crown (base) of the plant out - Water well. 

If you have a greenhouse, you can bring the pots inside from early Feb-March to boost the plants into producing flowers and get an early crop.
Pinching some flowers may be required to limit fruit production and provide sufficient nutrients for the plant to grow properly and ensure many years of production.

Winter protection:
A cold spell is required for forcing the plant to produce flowers in the spring - However, you may need to protect the plant from early frost by placing the pots/ boxes in a sheltered area (if applicable) or covering the plants with mulch or straw. This will be removed when weather conditions are warmer for the plants.



Package Size
5 roots
Planting time
From February to May
Flowering time May
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